“Saam just wants to have FUN!”  I have a passion and love for Art, Fashion and Designing.  When I create for my fashionistas/ers, I’m constantly trying to be empathetic, thinking of what would look great on multiple body frames and will make each individual feel great!  That’s why… “Everyone needs a pair of SM Leggings!”

I truly began out of a need.  People turned out to love my Signature Fashion Leggings as much as I did!  Whenever I wore them, from Los Angeles to Paris, I would often receive requests to purchase them.  This reaction also occurred whenever I wore my self-portrait unisex Designer Graphic Tees.  Eventually, I set out to fill this need by creating: www.SaAmDesigns.com, as well as, shops on Etsy, CityBlis, and providing merchandise to several local bricks and mortar Boutiques.  As my Signature Fashion Leggings and Self-portrait Designer Graphic Tees have flourished, I continue to add other accessories to accompany them, such as statement jewelry, memorable tote bags, and tops/tunics.


Formal Education:
B.A. in Fine Arts from U.C. Berkeley
A.A. in Fashion Design & Merchandising from L.B.C.C.
Informal Education:
Presently studying Oils with Master Painter Andrea Rushing at Andrea Rushing Academy of Art, San Diego


Industry Experience:
Seasoned Commercial Model (sports/acting), Fashion Runway and Print Model.  I have worked as an In-house, Runway and Print Model, as well as, an Assistant Designer for St. John Knits.  I have worked as a Buyer for both Maximillian’s Men’s retail store and for the Japanese Pop Culture Company: Tokyo Pop. Additionally, I have produced/styled runway shows and shot photography for companies, organizations and individuals.  Lastly, I do commissioned oils and graphic designs for clients.