Quick Noodle Soup



“The Quick Noodle Bowl”


-Pot of boiling water (which you will add powdered/cubbed chicken stock to taste or Boiling Chicken Broth (which is already seasoned)

-Left over Spaghetti or Roman Noddles

-1 Boiled egg, shelled and sliced in half

-1 Raw whisked egg to drizzle in boiling soup

-Left over pieces/slices of beef or pork roast meat (optional)

-Italian seasoning or Herbs de Provence seasoning to taste

-Left over veggies (can be carrots, peas, corn, etc. I used left over yellow and green squash from last night’s dinner

-1 teaspoon of Fish Sauce (optional)

-Sprinkle of Ginger powder (optional)

-Sprinkle of Garlic Powder

-Sprinkle of Onion Powder

-Salt (optional if your chicken broth is already salted) & Pepper to taste

-1 half of JalapeƱo Pepper chopped (optional)

-Chopped Green Onions to garnish

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