How to Wear Leggings

JANUARY 22, 2011

First, stop thinking of Leggings as anything, but just “bottoms!” They should be viewed as a compliment, just as jewelry might be to an outfit. If you have the right pair, leggings can be the piece that can make an outfit amazing! They can be used to warm your legs and just melt into the background of your outfit, or be the standout piece that makes or breaks your look. Leggings can be like pants or stockings, transparent, solid, thick, thin, be multi-colored, have patterns or interesting textiles. Leggings should be thought of as a staple in one’s wardrobe. It is all in how you wish to create your look or style. The ways they can be worn are endless! Give these looks a try: take a solid colored skirt and blouse and create the WOW factor with a textured pair of leggings, or wear a conservative dress (below the knee) and throw on a pair of funky animal print leggings, or even a traditional blouse with a too sexy micro mini and add a pair of bad boy leather leggings for a bad girl librarian look, or try a solid natural or nude tone colored tunic/dress and pair it with jewel tone colored leggings. For a futuristic Spring look try a pair leggings: wear a bandeau top with a blazer, a pair of easy/loose fitted capris/collates and a pair of leggings underneath! The many ways to rock leggings is totally endless. I’ve even worn a solid Python textile pair (from SaAm Designs) coupled with a thermal top, turtleneck and fur coat in the snow (I will occasionally add a pair of thick tights/legging underneath for more warmth). Reinvent old dresses, tunics, skirts, and even a pair of collates, all with an interesting pair of leggings. With leggings, you can reinvent any article of clothing you may have previously dreamed of tossing, just by pairing it with great leggings!


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