How to Acquire Great Runway Shoes…on the cheap!

FEBRUARY 11, 2013

I continuously get approached about where I get my shoes, even when I’m on duty Modeling expensive clothing atop a platform! Many of my runway jobs, even those that are orchestrated by the top $$$ fashion businesses, will often require that we “Models” provide our own shoe bag!

 Cheap Runway Shoes

I happen to love shoes and often the hired Dressers, Designers and even the patrons will dive through crowds to ask where I get my shoes…sometimes, not even paying attention to what the whole production is about…the CLOTHES! Well, I am here to give my shoe secrets away. Because clients are requiring more and more that Models have their own shoes, that they be 5″ plus and trendy, I have to purchase shoes all the time! No longer could I afford to drop big dollars on my favorite Designers like Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, and Oooooo Alexander McQueen. This is when I began to research “cheap” shoes, but shoes that didn’t appear cheap and after the trend has died, you don’t feel as though you’ve wasted a ton of money. These are my web picks:,,, or and , who also have bricks & mortar stores.  At these stores, you’ll find super high shoes that are fun, traditional, and trendy without the huge price tag.

red speed heels

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